DURM Hip Hop Summit

Join Joshua Gunn in showcasing the 5 pillars of hip-hop: the MC, the break dancer, the DJ, beatboxing & graffiti artists, with all Durham artists. Plus Chirba Chirba, Pie Pushers & The Parlour food trucks.   When: July 28th, 9pm Where: Casbah, 1007 West Main St, Durham

Joshua Gunn featured with I-20

“Every now and then you gotta take it back”, to the essence that is. Beats, rhymes, and scratches. For this weeks Sunday Bloody Sunday we feature a lyrical onslaught from Joshua Gunn and DTP’s own I-20. Production is handled by frequent Gunn collaborator and Faithful Struggle contributor DJ Pain 1. We think you’ll agree, this jam is “Mean”.

DJ Pain 1 featuring I-20 & Joshua Gunn “Mean” (mixed/mastered by Rickaby) is exclusively featured on the Last of the Record Buyers Album titled “Collaboration’s The Key”. Check the tape out here: http://fifthelementonline.com/products/last-of-the-record-buyers-collaborations-the-key-cd